Land Pooling Policy

According to old land acquisition laws government acquired land from land owners & provide compensation to respective owners as per their pre decided rate but this method always create instance at many places like Noida, Haryana, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh . To prevent this forcefully land acquisition Land Pooling Policy has been endorsed by the Ministry of Urban Development on 5 September 2013. This approach intends to prevent, offering of land without the proprietor's consent. This approach guarantees major changes in the method for securing and development of area to make sure the flawless deployment of Smart City kind of projects in future..

Smart city development in various part of India is purely focused on Land pooling Concept.The Delhi Master Plan MPD 2021 is the biggest ever land opportunity in the country for the demographic demand and the administrative commitment gives the triggers to development. "Delhi's master plan is intended to accommodate an additional population on 10 million individuals, and in addition facilitate the creation of right around 1.6 million dwelling units, and the Land pooling approach being the first of the numerous innovative method for this goal.

There are two fundamental sorts of Land Pooling which have been declared so far by Ministry of Urban Development

land pooling concept

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